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“Where’s Pops?” is a short story collection about Dads–the good, the bad, and the rest in-between.

Regardless of where these men who come from various backgrounds land on the spectrum of fatherhood, they each face challenges relatable to every parent–relationship tests, financial hardships, and cooking mac-n-cheese on time.

All sales of Where’s Pops? continue to fund a scholarship I created for deserving fathers attending community colleges in southern California.

The MVP Award is distributed annually. The next call for essays on Fatherhood will open in February, 2023. Check then for details.

MVP (Most Valuable Pops) Award Recipients

Reader Reviews

Jennifer Jordan

The fast-paced dialogue and great descriptions help me feel like I am in the …

Kudos to Max Evans for his candid stories of fathers and their families. The fast-paced dialogue and great descriptions help me feel like I am in the scene with the characters. I love the clever features such as the “Table of Conscious” and “Poptistics.”

Algenia Harding

A Reader’s Perspective…

Great read! I enjoyed reading the compilation of fictional short stories from Where’s Pops? written by Max Evans. I actually finished reading this book in less than a month. The way that Evans complied these stories brought out a dash of realism in every story with every father coming from a different background.

Daniel Rocha

Great Book

Wheres Pops by Max Evans has to be one of the most interesting books I have ever read. The book contains multiple short stories that will keep you hooked on to the new characters that are showed in every section. I am not a person who likes to read but I could not bring myself to putting the book


Great Story “The Sweetest Swisher”

“The Sweetest Swisher” was one of my favorite stories in Where’s Pops? The character James fell in love with a girl named Noelani, who he worked with, but his conscious couldn’t let him forget that he had a son

Shemen Tyler-Polk


Overall, I enjoyed this short-story fiction about father and the struggles parents go thru raising a child. Many of the stories are relate able and shows a different side of what many people go thru. Personally my favorite story is


Short story

Honestly I really enjoyed the short story “The Sweetest Swisher” it seemed the story was more interesting to me. “Then I roll the cigar between my fingertips and take a final puff” really paints a realistic scene and I