Escape to Butterfly Ave

Novel Synopsis

Escape to Butterfly Ave is a coming-of-age dramedy that highlights a skateboarder-turned-father striving to maintain a bond with his teething daughter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout this fateful weekend, numerous challenges ramp for Al, including a brawl against his drug-dealing neighbor and a fish fry showdown with his baby’s momma’s momma–the infamous, Miss Jackson. Will he witness the bloom of his little butterfly from another jail cell, or will he slide past the drama? Even if he must skateboard through the streets of Long Beach (CA) with his daughter in tow, nothing will shut down his hustle for his daughter. Not even a worldwide pandemic.

Max Evans celebrates the spirit of fatherhood in Escape to Butterfly Ave while simultaneously introducing Remix Fiction, a subgenre of literature influenced by Hip Hop culture.