About Max Evans

Max Evans blends the urban flavor of Junot Díaz with the heartfelt dirty realism of Raymond Carver. Next, throw in an addiction to Hip Hop lyrics and lace that passion with a lifetime dedication to the upliftment of fathers. Then, cook these ingredients on high during the extended COVID-19 lockdown, garnish with an MFA from Long Beach State, and savor the birth of a new literary style: Remix Fiction. Each chapter in Escape to Butterfly Ave is an adaptation of Hip Hop songs blended seamlessly into the narrative structure of a novel.

Max Evans has received awards in fiction and has been published in various literary magazines and anthologies. In addition, he has been featured on numerous podcasts and radio stations. This lifetime resident of Long Beach, California, comes from a multicultural background and has a job resume just as diverse. A few to mention: longshoreman, behavioral specialist for autistic children, English instructor, tutor to veterans. His first book, Where’s Pops?, is the only collection of short stories to focus exclusively on fathers as central characters. Escape to Butterfly Ave is his first novel.